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Our Story

 www.fabrikiguana.co.uk has become a well-known Furniture Repair Service in Fife .  We offer quality repairs at affordable prices. Our intense passion for fixing what’s broken has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.


Our Services

Here to Help

French polishing

Don’t Sweat It

This is one of our most popular services for both new and returning clients, so appointments fill up fast. Feel free to reach out with any questions , and make sure to book your slot today.

Restoration / Repair

The Fixer Upper

Our expert technician will provide all the services you need with a dedication to quality and efficiency. When you book this service, like all of our others, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the process and result.

Bespoke wood craft's

Something old  something new

Items will be added soon


Contact Us

Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.


Antique Chest